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Tier 2 Organisation


Tier 2 Organisation

Project Details

Prima Uno – Tier 2 ‘The establishment of the Programme Management Capability’

Client: Tier 2 Organisation
Contract Start Date: September 2013
Contract Completion Date: Present Date (with review and extension)
Contract Value: £480k per annum (Present)
Location: Westlakes Offices & Prima Uno offices
Security Requirements: Fully SQEP personnel with P4 clearance


Few companies in the UK can provide a competent Portfolio, Programme and Project management support service but fewer still have the experience to deliver portfolio and Programme Management support to the Nuclear Industry and the NDA Estate. Prima Uno has that capability. Over the last eighteen months, started the process of gathering seasoned nuclear programme management professionals and the development of young MSP trained support personnel. We believe we are the only West Cumbria based company that is currently building this unique capability.

With expertise in Lifetime Plan development and the production of Project and Programme Level Business Cases to the client’s EGG standards Prima Uno staff aides clients improve the overall management of its portfolio of programmes and projects.

Prima Uno Deliverables

The establishment of the Programme Management Capability' Prima Uno established a new capability for a Tier 2 contractor developing a programme management office that has carried out programme business case developments, benefits analysis, lifetime plan production and business transformation contracts for Tier 1 operators.

Regular reporting against the Plan (Performance Management) and running the Plan to provide maximum benefit to the Business (Baseline Management). Total accountability to review and challenge the Plan to guarantee increased quality and maintain integrity in all areas; constantly monitoring project performance, funding allocation, project prioritisation, procurement, costs, risks and opportunities.

Working integrally with the commercial team so that a common view is established on the client’s self-assurance process, budgets and forecasts.

PU staff seconded into the client were responsible for implementing change and for assuring the execution of the complex, interconnected programmes and projects.

Systematic and structured approach used in developing the programmes was based around Managing Successful Programmes (MSP).

All our Programme Management professionals have experience through this contract of:

Portfolio Management

Programme Governance

Blueprint design

Scenario planning

Business cases

Baseline development

Validation and sanctioning

Resource management

Programme performance reviews

Programme risk management

Benefits management

Independent assurance

Continuous improvement


Delivering business objectives

Increased business continuity and cost efficiency

Supply chain performance and development

Quality in delivery

Effective risk management