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Utility Client


Utility Client

Project Details

Utility Client – Benefits Realisation, Programme Management

Client: Utility Client
Contract Start Date: May 2016
Contract Completion Date: April 2018
Contract Value: £210k per annum (Present)
Location:  Client Head Office / Prima Uno offices
Requirements: Subject Matter Expert Advice in Benefits Realisation, Risk, Programme Management, Commercial & Project Controls


Following an organisation “Maturity Assessment” with a poor score. Prima Uno provided high-level technical expertise/skills in a programme management & project controls specialism to support projects and the Capital Programme. Working with project teams and contractors to provide expert knowledge to reduce risks, provide assurance and minimise impact on the delivery of projects. Review and advise on the development/improvement of policies, procedures and practices within programme delivery, taking into account the views of all stakeholders. Solicit feedback from the business on services provided and suggest changes that could improve performance.

Monitored the programme and the wider business to intervene with technical expertise to ensure risks are identified and managed adequately and to ensure industry best practice is adopted and followed.

Accountable for all aspects of Capital Programme delivery specialism and how it is applied on projects and by the business. We are the Subject Matter Expert for Benefits Realisation Management.

Prima Uno Deliverables

Provide high-level technical expertise to maintain and/or develop the Prima Uno systems and processes to support compliance with legislation, statutory duties and to facilitate the delivery of effective services.

Provide technical expertise/analysis to high-level of problem resolution, using consistent technical judgement to guide the business decision making.

Ensuring we assist clients to deliver services within budget, to customer/clients to standards set by the professional services manager, using initiative and independent action to achieve the result.

Share Prima Uno Learning from experience /exchange information/experience/expertise/best practices to enable industry best practice within Programme delivery and construction.

Lead and give technical direction to staff or others for the most effective delivery of business requirements for infrastructure construction.

Monitor and review the quality and performance of suppliers, contractors and consultants as appropriate.

Coach, share and mentor staff to improve Capital programme delivery specialism knowledge.

Evaluate and take the necessary action to amend processes, practices and systems that enable the service to meet legislative requirements and improve service delivery.

Review the effectiveness of client policies that impact on delivery of Capital Programme delivery specialism and provide feedback.

Maintain effective systems for monitoring, reviewing and evaluating contractor’s performance implementing infrastructure construction.

Development/improvement of policies, procedures and practices within own area of expertise, taking into account the views of all stakeholders.

All our Programme Management professionals have experience through this contract of:

Portfolio Management

Programme Governance

Blueprint design

Scenario planning

Business cases

Baseline development

Validation and sanctioning

Resource management

Programme performance reviews

Programme risk management

Benefits management

Independent assurance

Continuous improvement